Dr Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation – Olivia Judson

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Ever wondered why sine women bite off your head, or why some guy always gets all the girls? Ever pondered why some men bring you balloons while others leave you their genitals? Dr Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation is the book for you.

Quiry, entertaining and brilliant, Dr Tatiana, the racy new agony aunt, explains all this and much more. She discloses the best time to hae sex change, how to have a virgin birth, when to seduce your sisters or eat you lover. She also discusses more mundane matters—such as male pregnancy, homosexual rape and the joys of a detachable penis. For Dr Tatiana, the first agony aunt learned in natural history and evolutionary biology, receives letters from creatures great and small who are worried about their sex lives. She cajoles, reproves and reassures hear anxious correspondents—whether they are lions or bedbugs, spiders or sea lugs, hyaenas or manatees—and reveals why they have the problems they do. In giving her solutions, she explains the evolutionary biology of sex, from Darwin’s theory of sexual selection to why sexual reproduction exits at all.

This book is a fusion of science and natural history, a blend of wit and rigour that will fascinate and inform.

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