Metro 2035 inglés – Dmitry Glukhovsky

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It is the year 2035 and the various societies of Moscow’s post-apocalyptic metro system have seen many changes. Its neo-Nazi faction, the Fourth Reich, has been reformed with the aim of creating a less harsh image, but the confidential matters it conceals from the public eye have never been so horrifying. The Stalinist underground empire of the Red Line is faced with its largest famine thus far due to an outbreak that renders their food stocks inedible. Meanwhile, the Hanza trading alliance and the Ranger Order become suspiciously close after the former supplied the latter with new recruits following heavy losses suffered at a battle against the Red Line for control of an important bunker.

One year has passed since protagonist Artyom willingly left the Ranger Order, marrying Anna even though his CO (and now father in law) Miller was opposed to the idea. The couple move to lead a quiet life on the young man’s home station of VDNKh. But Artyom is unwilling to continue like this. Returning in his thoughts back to the time when he stood on top of the Ostankino Tower, he is certain that he managed to barely hear a transmission from another city. Fuelled by an undying hope, Artyom leaves the metro several times a week to ascend a nearby building, attempting to establish radio contact with anyone who might have survived the nuclear war in other parts of the Russian Federation and beyond. Although he was vaunted as a hero for destroying the Dark Ones – an error that only he is truly aware of – Artyom is now shunned by fellow inhabitants of VDNKh and perceived as insane for clinging onto his seemingly unrealistic vision.

His risky trips outside of the subway frequently expose him to unsafe doses of radiation. His marriage is endangered also, as Anna wishes nothing more than for her husband to start functioning normally again; she dreams of one day giving birth to a healthy child.

In spite of this, Artyom obstinately carries on with his apparently irrational routine. It seems as though his devotion is answered by the arrival of Homer (one of Metro 2034’s main characters) on his home station. The two soon become involved in affairs that transcend their knowledge. They embark on a quest across the Moscow Metro in pursuit of answers and are joined by faces new and old along the way, including personas that have already appeared in Glukhovsky’s earlier books from the franchise. Artyom’s lengthy and perilous journey culminates in the discovery of the metro’s darkest secrets.

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