Norstrilia – Cordwainer Smith

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Expansion of “The Planet Buyer” and “The Underpeople”. This is the first publication of the complete novel as Smith wrote it. The publishers in the 60’s felt that it was too long to publish as a single novel, so Smith broke it in two, adding a small amount of material at the end of “The Planet Buyer” and at the beginning of “The Underpeople” so they could stand separately.

This new edition of Norstrilia corrects a number of errors and omissions in the previous versions. It adds an appendix containing a full chapter of bridging material written by Smith when he broke Norstrilia into two shorter novels for its original publication as The Planet Buyer and The Underpeople. It also includes text removed from the magazine versions.

This is the only novel Cordwainer Smith ever wrote during his distinguished career. It tells the story of a boy from the planet Old North Australia (where rich, simple farmers grow the immortality drug Stroon), how he bought Old Earth, and how his visit to Earth changed both him and Earth itself.

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Muchas gracias! muy difícil encontrarlo, lo tenía en pdf. Gracias de nuevo

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