Paris Journal – Jim Morrison


This is Jim Morrison’s original Paris Journal manuscript, written by the Doors singer in a composition notebook, in Paris, shortly before his death in July 1971.

Paris Journal is published in full in The American Night: The Writings of Jim Morrison Volume II (Vintage Books, 1990). The American Night notes “The entire notebook consists of one angry, reflective and defiant poem. As there are only three places in the notebook where words or phrases appear to be crossed out, this appears to be a clean and finished draft. (Morrison) wrote the title “Paris Journal” on the front of the notebook’s black cover… These are among the last lines he wrote”.

Paris Journal was part of the legendary «127 Fascination Box», the archive of Jim Morrison manuscripts saved after Morrison’s death by his common-law wife, Pamela Courson. After Courson’s death in 1974, the manuscripts went missing, and were rediscovered 1986 in Northern California, in a strongbox labeled “127 Fascination”. Courson had given them to a paramour in the Bay Area for safe keeping; and while he’d returned some of her possessions to her family, he’d kept the 127 Fascination manuscripts.

When the manuscripts resurfaced, attempts were made to publish them, but the Morrison and Courson families objected and a legal settlement was eventually hammered out. After the settlement, Paris Journal was sold, and has been in a private collection until now.

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