Sex, Surrealism, Dali and Me – Clifford Thurlow

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Salvador Dali was one of the great personalities of the 20th century. Artist, intellectual, raconteur, a gifted writer and film-maker, he led his life as if upon a stage surrounded by the rich, famous, the bizarre and the beautiful.

Dali was also a voyeur with an irrational fear of being touched by others and with sexual eccentricities he shared with a select few. One of those special friends was Carlos Lozano, an actor from Colombia, who met the painter in Paris at the age of twenty. Dali secured him work as a dancer in the musical Hair and they remained intimate until Dali’s death twenty-five years later.

Behind the public persona, the role Dali played, was another personality, the naughty boy, the trickster, the Magician, and in Carlos Lozano he found a playmate.

Carlos entered the «Court of the Divine» and reveals here for the first time a rich and authoritative portrait of the passions and obsessions that governed Salvador Dali’s life and work. While those obsessions are uncovered in mesmerising detail, with humour and complete honesty, it is the human qualities of Carlos Lozano’s memoir that make the story of their long association so appealing. Dali’s weaknesses and contradictions are carefully laid bare against the joy and exhilaration he brought to those in the charmed inner circle.

Stylishly chronicled by the award-winning writer Clifford Thurlow, this will undoubtedly be one of the most important biographies to appear in this opening year of the new millennium. Laugh, scream in outrage, gasp in wonder, you will not be able to resist this book.

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