The crystal rose – Rebecca Brandewyne


A stranger presses a letter into her hand . . . and unlocks the past she thought had been destroyed.

England, 1851: As she makes her way through London’s crowded streets, Rose Windermere is nearly knocked to the ground by a man who whispers a dire warning . . . and presses a letter into her hands before fleeing. The letter seems innocuous enough merely plans for a gentleman to meet his married lover. But for Rose, the mark with which it is sealed recalls her idyllic childhood in India and a world that was destroyed one terrible night, when an uprising left her dearest friend, Hugo, dead.

Amidst a city enthralled by its Great Exhibition, Rose is pulled back into the exotic land of her youth, as the past comes unimaginably alive. Caught in a web of deceit and intrigue, she must unravel the strange machinations of a man whose lust for power will threaten a monarchy and Rose’s own heart

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