The dragon king’s palace – Laura Joh Rowland

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On a whim of the sh?gun’s mother, a procession has left the sweltering heat of Edo, bound for the cooler climate of Mount Fuji. Among her traveling companions are Reiko, the beautiful wife of Sano Ichir?, the sh?gun’s Most Honorable Investigator of Events, Situations, and People; Reiko’s friend Midori, nine months pregnant; and Lady Yanagisawa, the deranged wife of the sh?gun’s powerful second-in-command. None of them look forward to the trip. But their troubles have only begun when their procession is stopped suddenly on a deserted road. The entire retinue is viciously slaughtered and the four women are bound and taken away, imprisoned by a mysterious kidnapper.

Sano now finds himself faced with the most important case of his career. The sh?gun demands quick action, and under the threat of death, Sano is forced to work with his bitter enemies—Chamberlain Yanagisawa and Police Commissioner Hoshina. The delivery of a ransom note only complicates matters, forcing both Sano and Reiko to take desperate measures.

In The Dragon King’s Palace, Laura Joh Rowland’s dazzling combination of history and storytelling once again draws us into a sumptuous and treacherous world.

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