The hundred and one dalmatians – Dodie Smith

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A large car was coming towards the Dearlys. It drew up at a big house just ahead of them, and a tall woman came out onto the front-door steps. She was wearing a tight-fitting emerald satin dress, several ropes of rubies, and an absolutely simple white mink cloak. Her hair was parted severely down the middle and one half of it was black and the other white rather unusual.

Why, that’s Cruella de Vil, said Mrs. Dearly. We were at school together. She was expelled for drinking ink.?

Come in and meet my husband, said Cruella. The absolutely simple white mink cloak slipped from her shoulders to the floor. Mr. Dearly picked it up.

What a beautiful cloak, he said. But you’ll find it too warm for this evening.?

I never find anything too warm, said Cruella. I wear furs all the year round. I sleep between ermine sheets. I worship furs, I live for furs! That’s why I married a furrier.

Then Mr. de Vil came in. Cruella introduced him and then said, Where are those two delightful dogs??

Pongo and Missis came forward politely.

Wouldn’t they make enchanting fur coats?? said Cruella to her husband.

Pongo gave a sharp, menacing bark.

When Dearly’s Dalmatians have their first litter of pups —fifteen in all— everyone is delighted. But their joy is shortlived, for the pups are kidnapped! Scotland Yard is baffled, but the keenest canine minds are on the case —and on the trail of Cruella de Vil, the most fiendish person to ever covet a fur coat.

Pongo and Missis would give everything they have to bring their puppies safely home… but will they succeed in rescuing them from the cluthes of the evil Cruella de Vil?

«A tale full to overflowing with those prime requisites of a good story, warmth and humor, imagination and suspense». —Chicago Sunday Tribune.

«Superb reading. The puzzle of the hundred and one is delightful… Highly recommended». —SLJ.

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