Conspiracy and the spanish civil war. The brainwashing of Francisco Franco – Herbert R. Southworth

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Written by one of the most celebrated historians of the Spanish Civil War, Herbert R. Southworth, this book presents a fascinating account of the origins of the war and the nature and importance of conspiracy for the extreme right. It offers a highly detailed reconstruction of how a plot was concocted to justify the military uprising of July 1936 in Spain, and how the ‘facts’ of the plot were consolidated and disseminated by right-wing propagandists throughout Europe. Furthermore, the book explores how the myth of the Communist ‘secret documents’ was perpetuated well into the 1970s.

The latter part of the book, The Brainwashing of Francisco Franco, deals with the most influential reader of the documents, General Franco himself. Including an account of Franco’s associations with the Entente Internationale contre la Troisième International, it represents a major contribution to the analysis of Franco’s ‘thought’, and provides fascinating evidence of the depths and origins of his obscurantism.

Based on exhaustive research, and written with lucidity and mordant humour, this book acts as both an outstanding introduction to the vast literature of the war, and a monumental contribution to that literature.

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