Ghosts of Onyx – Eric S. Nylund

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The SPARTAN-II program has gone public. Tales of super-soldiers fending off thousands of Covenant attacks has become the stuff of legend. But just how many Spartans are left?

While the Master Chief defends a besieged Earth, and the myriad factions of the Covenant continue their crusade to eliminate humanity, an ultra-secret cell of the Office of Naval Intelligence known as «Section Three» devises a plan to buy the UNSC vital time. They’re going to need hundreds of willing soldiers, though… and one more Spartan to get the job done.

Planet Onyx is virtually abandoned and therefore the perfect place to set this new plan in motion. When the Master Chief destroys Halo, however, something is triggered deep within Onyx. Action begins to boil and the Ancient Forerunner technology stirs. Armadas of UNSC and Covenant race to claim the Forerunner secrets in order to change the course of the Human-Covenant war.

But this reawakened and ancient force may have plans of its own…

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