Just William’s Luck – Richmal Crompton

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Just William’s Luck (1948) was a novel in the Just William series by Richmal Crompton. It was the only novel in the series, the rest being books of short stories. The story revolves around the attempts of William and his friends to get their elder brothers married, such that they might become the recipients of possessions replaced by wedding presents. After a series of unlikely adventures, the boys serendipitously foil a gang of fur-coat smugglers, and receive a reward from the police.

The invincible William considers he is equal to solving mos of lif’s trickier problems, although devising a plan to get the elder brothers of the Outlaws married off was a considerable challenge.

The formation of the Knights of the Square Table (dedicated to the righting of wrongs — for a small charge) seemed to be a logical extension of the plan.

For once, and to William’s astonishment, several of his good intentions are not misunderstood. Is that just William’s luck?

Read the book and you will find out.

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