Love’s Executioner – Irvin D. Yalom

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Love’s Executioner and Other Tales of Psychotherapy.

In his classic, bestselling work, the masterful therapist and novelist Irvin Yalom describes his sometimes tragic, sometimes inspiring, and always absorbing encounters with patients

In this classic book, master psychotherapist Irvin D. Yalom uncovers the mysteries, frustrations, pathos, and humor at the heart of the therapeutic encounter. With insight and sympathy, Yalom not only gives us a rare and enthralling glimpse into the personal desires and motivations of ten of his patients, but also tells his own story as he struggles to reconcile his all-too-human response with his sensibility as a psychiatrist. Love’s Executioner has inspired hundreds of thousands of readers already, and promises to inspire generations of readers to come.

Imagine this scene: three to four hundred people, strangers to each other, are told to pair up and ask their partner one single question, “What do you want?” over and over and over again.

Could anything be simpler? One innocent question and its answer. And yet, time after time, I have seen this group exercise evoke unexpectedly powerful feelings. Often, within minutes, the room rocks with emotion. Men and women—and these are by no means desperate or needy but successful, well-functioning, well-dressed people who glitter as they walk—are stirred to their depths. They call out to those who are forever lost—dead or absent parents, spouses, children, friends: “I want to see you again.” “I want your love.” “I want to know you’re proud of me.” “I want you to know I love you and how sorry I am I never told you.” “I want you back—I am so lonely.” “I want the childhood I never had.”


1. Love’s Executioner
2. “If Rape Were Legal…”
3. “The Wrong One Died”
4. Fat Lady
5. “I Never Thought It Would Happen to Me”
6. “Do Not Go Gentle”
7. Two Smiles
8. Three Unopened Letters
9. Therapeutic Monogamy
10. In Search of the Dreamer

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